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Top Apartment Security Tips Posted on 23-10-2020
If you happen to be searching for the best apartments for rent, you might be interested to know that apartments are actually more prone to burglaries than single family houses and other rental properties.
Although it is the responsibility of landlords to provide their tenants with the highest level of apartment security, it doesn’t mean that you should wait for your landlord to handle these things for you. For all you know, you might end up waiting for too long.
The only sad news here is that when you are an apartment renter, you have pretty much limited options when it comes to improving security. But, worry not because there are various security measures that can be implemented in apartments for rent, whether it is an apartment complex or a large apartment building.
Let this article serve as your guide on the things that you can do to make sure that your apartment will be as secure and safe as you need and want it to be:

Here's our 8 tips on how to improve your security

  1. Be familiar with or better yet, befriend building employees, including the contract maintenance, safety patrol, and other grounds personnel. Make sure you inform or alert them if you see an unfamiliar face.
  2. Always keep your doors locked if you will be away for a time, including the door to the balcony, no matter what floor you live in. You can also add a deadbolt if you like.
  3. Don’t just count on chain locks because these are very easy to clip.
  4. With the help of a door viewer or peephole, you will be able to see the person on the other side of the door before you open it. If your apartment door doesn’t have one yet, install one as soon as you can. A peephole can save you and your whole family from threatening situations.
  5. Never assume that your balcony is a safe place for storage. If you ever have no choice but to keep some of your valuables on the balcony such as your bicycle, don’t forget to lock it up all the time.
  6. Make your apartment seem like it is occupied if you are not at a home. Turn on the lights or set the schedule on an automated lighting.
  7. If your apartment building doesn’t have its own Facebook page yet, you might want to set up one. Look out for each other by sharing suspicious people or events on the page.
  8. See to it that you don’t just open your apartment door to burglars who might be pretending as contractors, utility workers, or professional repairmen. You may think that it would never happen to you but there are already many cases like this that are reported in various parts of the world.

It can be very exciting to pick the best one for you out of all the apartments for rent that you’ve checked. However, make sure that you don’t get easily swayed by that lush landscaping, comfy new carpet, or even that swimming pool. Take a step back and always make your safety your top priority more than anything else.<
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