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Properties for sale in Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain Posted on 29-03-2017
Marbella is a great place for a second home, a retirement home or a property for investment. There are many properties for sale in Marbella that would suit clever investors looking to make a great return on their money.

Buying properties for sale in Marbella for investment

Marbella offers many different types of properties, but if you are looking for properties for sale in Marbella to get a return of investment, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind:
  1. Are you looking to invest in a property that can be used for holiday rental?
  2. Are you looking to buy property that can be re-sold quickly for a profit?
  3. Are you looking to invest in property, use the property and then sell it at a later stage?

The 3 above options are all possible, but each will have their own criteria.

Let’s look at the possibilities:

Invest in holiday rentals in Marbella

If you are looking to invest in property with the aim to rent the property out for holidays, you will need to make sure the location of the property is second to none.
  • Close to the beach
  • Close to amenities / restaurants / shops
  • Close to the airport
  • In a well developed and busy area
Location is a big factor if you are buying property with the aim to rent it for holidays. The norm is that it should not take more than 1 hours from the airport to the property. But the closer the better of course!

What other amenities does the area offer? If it is close to many fun “holiday” activities, that’s a major plus, but the biggest plus would have to be that the property is close to the beach.
Making sure that the property is in a well established area is also a strong point. No one wants to holiday in a deserted development.

Buy to sell property in Marbella

You might want to buy property to sell in immediately for a quick profit. Many investors are now taking their changes in the new development industry of Marbella. Buying properties for sale in Marbella that have not even been constructed yet can be daunting, but is now a regular occurrence in the seaside town. The upside is that these new developments are sold at very low prices for a quick sale, so when you get the keys, you will have immediately made a profit as prices continue to rise in the popular resort.

The downside is, you will have to wait for the development to be completed. Depending on when you stepped in to the project this could take up to 2 years!

You can also decide to buy a “resales” property, do it up and sell it again. In this case, your profits will come quicker, but might be a little lower (depending on the amount of work that needs to be done to the property).

Invest, Enjoy, Sell

The last option is investing in a property that you will enjoy yourself while the property value in Spain rises.

Now would be a good time to do this. Gone are the days of extortive property prices, the boom has been and gone, so you can be assured, any property you invest in now will be worth a lot more in 10 years time! Especially if you can get your hands on  a property close to the beach, as these are in high demand and will always be in high demand!

Many people have opted for option 3; Invest, Enjoy & Sell. This way, you get the best of all worlds, you get to enjoy wonderful holidays in the South of Spain, see your property value go up, and if you sell at the right time, you could end up with a  hefty profit! Good times was had by all! 

So whether you are looking to invest, enjoy or rent out properties for sale in Marbella, be assured you have made the right decision. Your investment will be one well spend! Make sure you find yourself a trustworthy Real Estate Agent in Marbella to look after your arrangements and it should be smooth sailing too!

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