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Follow These Awesome Tips To Sell Your House Fast Posted on 20-11-2019
Are you planning to sell your house this spring? Here are a few simple tips to help you get started with the sale process and make your house ready for a quick sale:


1. Get Rid of Clutter and Make it Neutral

First things first - the property experts at RealestateKO suggest you get ready to declutter your house before potential buyers start coming in for viewings.


Take a stock of all the stuff you don't need in your house and either sell it, recycle it or give it away. If there is still something left, just hide it. Simply put, remove your shoes and coats from the hallway, make sure bathroom toiletries are in cupboards and all the bottles, jars and appliances are in their proper places in the kitchen. Potential buyers need to imagine themselves in your house and the only way you can achieve is by de-personalizing your home. Put away all the personal items including your kid’s drawings, photographs and ornaments to make it easy for potential buyers to visualize themselves.

2. Spruce it up

After decluttering your home, choose a neutral color and give your home a fresh coat. Don't forget to re-grout any dirty tiling. If you don't have enough money lying around to spruce up your kitchen, just make a few changes as even small changes can make a big difference. Get new cupboard doors or new door handles and that will make a huge difference.


Lighting makes a huge difference. All the light bulbs and spotlights in your house should be working and your beds should look nice. If there are bare corners in your home, put some plants there to give a homely feel.

3. Hire Professionals for Deep Cleaning

Hire a professional cleaning company to deep clean your home. Cleaning professionals will make sure that things like shower doors, ovens and space underneath the sofa is squeaky clean. It makes a huge difference and doesn't cost as much as you think.


Get multiple quotes on Plentific when you are looking for a cleaner or local painter.

4. Take Care of the Garden

An overgrown garden is a strict no-no. In fact, a recent poll of potential buyers suggests that more than a quarter of the buyers wouldn't be interested in a house with an overgrown garden. After pruning the garden, place some chairs and a table in the garden to help potential buyers imagine themselves enjoying their morning coffee sitting there.


5. Utilize Your Parking Space

If there is an allocated parking space for your home, make sure it's free for potential buyers to use. It will allow potential buyers to have a real experience of how it's going to be when they live in your home.


6. Choose Real Estate Agent Carefully

Get in touch with several agents in order to get the right selling price for your home. However, it doesn't mean choosing someone who quotes the highest valuation. Choose someone who is locally active and knowledgeable. Work with someone you will enjoy having a few drinks with. Also, make sure the agent puts your property online. All agents have some tie-in periods but it can be different for different agents. Some like to have a time period of 12 weeks which means you are bound to them during this time period and not free to sell your home elsewhere. Negotiate with them and do what you think is right for you. Selling through a sole-agency is cheaper as compared to a multi-agency and therefore, I recommend starting with a sole agent during the first 4 weeks. It will give them the motivation and opportunity to sell your home fast. You always have the option of moving on to other agents if you're not happy with the results. As far as agent fees are concerned, always negotiate and make sure you have the agreement in writing.

7. Paperwork Preparation

Hire a solicitor and start the conveyancing process early. Make sure to ask them to explain the various costs typically associated with selling a property. If possible, make them agree to a fixed upfront fee. Don't forget to read my tips on finding a good solicitor. Get in touch with your mortgage lender and find out whether you can get a deal with the same mortgage terms for a new home or whether you will have to pay any redemption charges. Organize all the paperwork related to your current property including building certifications for structural work as well as guarantees for fireplaces, boilers or double glazing.

8. Take Viewings Seriously

It is recommended to get a real estate agent to conduct the viewings as they are experts at it. Ideally, you should move out before viewings start. In case you decide to conduct the viewings on your own, prepare a plan. Plan should include the order in which the rooms will be shown to potential buyers. Your best rooms should be either first or last on the list. Also, prepare yourself to answer any queries potential buyers might have.

9. Make professional photography

Once you have gone through all the trouble of sprucing up your home, don't save on photography! Make sure you get a professional to make your pictures or work with an agency that will make virtual tours for you included in their package price.


Property virtual tours are a must these days as it will increase your chances of selling your home faster by a whopping 30%!
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