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3 Biggest Practical Benefits Of High-rise Living That House Dwellers Don't Enjoy Posted on 30-06-2020
The debate of the pros and cons between house and apartment living has been raging for decades. But with urban living becoming a norm in city areas, more and more people are living in high-rise apartments without really having a choice. Yet there are a number of very attractive benefits of living in apartments that households quietly enjoy... and they might actually never look back at landed homes again. And some are very practical features so implied that apartment dwellers might not even realize them. Here are just 3 of them.

1) Improved security

It should be said that if a burglar is targeting you specifically, it probably won't matter whether you live in a house or apartment. But the way residential buildings are built, criminals won't be able to climb your gates and have a wide selection of access points to enter the house. While a bad guy might be able to illegally enter a typical house via windows, doors, basements, and even the roof, it's a totally different proposition when it comes to illegal entry into an apartment.

At an elevated height, burglars would be toying with death or grave injury should they choose to smash through your windows at level 10 to enter. Moreover, getting to the front door alone might mean that they would have to go through the lobby, elevator or stairway with security cameras. And even if someone with disregard of the law is crazy enough to to it, there is a wide selection of neighbors for him/her to choose from. You'd really have to be down with very bad luck for a burglar to choose you home instead of so many others.

The weakness of apartments is when there is back alley access. But then again, if you are living high up, a burglar would be deranged to expose himself when making his way up to such a high floor. He might already be discouraged by the time he reaches level 3 as neighbors noticed him in the act. Anyway, you can always lock the back door.

2) Less pests

This is something that apartment dwellers absolutely enjoy but seldom talk about. By being at a height substantially above ground level, there tend to be less pest like cockroaches and flies that can enter the premises from the street level. It's not that there would be no pests.
But high-rise apartments are generally less vulnerable to serious pest problem compared to a house that is built on the ground.

Why would a mosquito for example, make it's way to the 10 floor to suck on your blood when there are easy targets on the second floor?

3) Only need to maintain the interiors itself

While the pleasures of living in a landed house include the extra space in the front yard and back yard that owners can indulge in, these features don't come without drawbacks.

Living in a house, the family members would have to regularly spend time on chores like maintaining the lawn, removing debris choking the roof gutters, clearing dead leaves from the pool, etc.
Failing to undertake these tasks can mean an accelerated deterioration of the property itself. Many homeowners don't even use their yards at all! Living in an apartment, there is no need to take on these chores.

You could very well have enough on your plate doing housekeeping inside the house. While some people feel that an apartment would naturally be cluttered because of the lesser space, a smaller space also means that it's easier to keep the splace clutter-free! Any problems outside the home would probably be resolved by the building management of homeowners association.

Don't forget that with more space to manage, also comes more dilemmas to lose sleep over. You won't have to think about whether the roof matches the exteriors in terms of feng shui, whether the pool is too big or too small, how the coming winter would impact your driveway, etc.

With these distracting issues out of the picture, you can spend you time relaxing at home rather than stress over a schedule to repair the leaking roof.

With all these said, there are various disadvantages of apartment living that landed homes don't succumb to as well. Which type of home one chooses really depends on personal preferences.
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